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Shadow Fight 2 v2.22.1 Mod APK Download

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Name Shadow Fight 2
Package Name com.nekki.shadowfight
MOD Features Unlimited money
Version 2.22.1
Size 155.08 MB

Shadow fight 2

Shadow fight 2 Mod APK is a fighting game with RPG elements released by Nekki. There are dozens of lifelike animated martial arts movements, various powerful weapons and armor in the game. The thrilling journey is about to begin. You will face many enemies, including a powerful boss.


This arcade game shadow fight 2 special edition can use countless deadly weapons and rare armor sets to equip your characters and promote dozens of lifelike animated martial arts techniques! As the exciting fantasy plot unfolds, you will fight with groups of enemies and the evil boss in happymod download Shadow fight 2 special edition mod apk. Note that only the bravest fighter can achieve his goal and close the gate of shadow. Therefore, you'd better follow your sensei's instructions and train harder!


Shadow fight 2 special edition mod apk can be said to be a very characteristic fighting game.

The theme of the game is martial arts, and the operation is very hard core. happymod mod apk Shadow fight 2 special edition mod apk is one of the few excellent works in most martial arts action games on the market.



Shadow fight 2 hack adopts horizontal version, which has a wide range of operation. There are many fancy weapons. Each type of weapon has its own properties, set of moves, skills and damage. At the same time, you can also develop a set of fighting methods that belong to your own in happymod apk download shadow fight 2 mod .

The biggest feature of the shadow fight 2 mod is the integration of weapon elements, and the biggest fun is to try different weapons. Weapons such as long sticks have a long attack range, but once they are close, their power will be greatly weakened; Daggers and other weapons have fast attack speed and can completely crush or be crushed. Players can choose their favorite weapons to pass the customs all the way.


In the previous work, there are many factors affecting the strength of players' characters: weapons, character level, various equipment and armor, etc. if you want to cultivate a character very strong, players have to pay a lot of energy. 

But in this work, the developers decided to let the fighting return to its original way of play. Happymod 2022 lastest mod apk Shadow fight 2 hack has deleted the weapon and equipment system, so that the core play method only serves the fight. Only the level of the hero itself and the player's combat operation skills affect the strength of the hero. 

By raising the hero level and learning specific specialties with skill points, you can improve the hero's combat performance in battle in shadow fight 2 mod apk unlimited everything and max level. With the upgrading of different specialties, even the same hero will have a very different fighting style.


Compared with the previous version, this version shadow fight 2 titan mod apk has a greater improvement in the picture. From the real game experience, the picture quality is much better. With the well-made martial arts actions of this series, the realism of combat is much better than that of the previous series. The design of each character has its own characteristics.


As fighting games, whether Japanese represent street bullies or American represent real people, almost all fighting games greatly speed up the rhythm of action in order to be refreshing, which are difficult to complete in reality. The action of shadow fight 2 mod apk level 52 max at least looks similar to that of martial arts in reality. Although the rhythm slows down, it has the pleasure of boxing and great gaming experience! Come and download happymod shadow fight 2 mod